• Standard 3 or 4 Wheel Go Go Travel Mobility Scooters:  $30/Day or $180/Weekly  (Up to 300 lbs.)


  • Full Size 3 or 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooters:  $40/Day or $230/weekly  (Up to 400 lbs.)


  • Portable Power Wheelchairs:  $35/day or $210/weekly  (Up to 300 lbs.)


  • Manual Wheelchair (any size):  $20/day or $100/weekly


  • Rollator/Walker:  $15/day or $90/weekly


  • Knee Walker:  $75/weekly  or $250/monthly


  • Power Lift Chair Recliner:  $250/weekly  (Up to 400 lbs.)

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